Got an iPod for Xmas. Santa deserves a Nobel Prize.

After admiring the packaging, manuals and the well designed manuals; I popped it into my USB slot and realized that I don’t have a USB 2.0 slot. Can’t believe it. So I’ll have to order a new Motherboard. This might seem drastic but a new MB will give me a Firewire port, AGP 8x and USB 2.0. Firewire is good for compatibility with Apple products, AGP 8x is better than my 4x (Radeon 9800XT does 8x) and USB 2.0 is a lot faster.

But enough of that. Here’s a shot of Gnome 2.4 (comes with Fedora Core 1). I did recompile the kernel to support USB mass storage (not sure if it’s on by default). As you can see the last icon is the Trash icon. Watch carefully: Before mounting

Now I mount the appropriate SCSI device (USB mass storage makes it a SCSI device - check your logs for clues as to which one) and automounter has already made a mount point for me. I didn’t even create /mnt/ipod (ipod is the volume name on the iPod itself): After mounting

So then the little icon labeled “ipod” appears. Looks good, open it and see the volume. Drag and drop files, umount and get on the train. Nice Apple. Smart design. Nautilus looking at the iPod