Following a hello world tutorial, I got stuck on this error:

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no swt-carbon-3034

Couldn’t find anything so I thought I’d post the fix for someone like me out there:

Found it from an unusual source. Seems I couldn’t get the VM parameters to work so I have to do SWT’s not recommended suggestion of copying the file to the jre bin path. Although they never gave the file or the path! (I’m going to send them an email.)

Just do this:

cp [path to libswt-carbon-3034.jnilib] \

Note that libswt-carbon-3034.jnilib is version dependant. It could be named libswt-carbon “anything” .jnilib. I found in [ECLIPSE HOME] /plugins/org.eclipse.swt.carbon_3.0.0/os/macosx/ppc