More and more people are getting on the web. More and more people are gaining experience with computers. We have not seen yet what people with 30 years of experience with the web are like. No one has 30 years of experience with the web. There are no retired, 62 year old web designers out there. The amount of experienced web professionals is lacking compared to the amount of experienced doctors or other long-standing professions.

As people explore the web, bookmark sites, use better and more catagorized search engines; the web becomes smaller because people are surfing for official, professional and you could say ‘high quality’ content.

So people have a propensity to certain sites. Bookmarks, favorites. Since weblogs are unusually personal websites, then I say that people are most likely to read and come back to weblogs that align with their already existing personal traits.

Really people have a tendancy to flock with people like themselves. People like mirrors. People like http://localhost. Hug yourself. Talk to yourself. You’re the most interesting person you’ll know.