I finally got the FTGL library built. It was quite annoying to do. In the end, I had a libfreetype.a file (looks like an assembly binary) and a libftgl.a file. I added those to the XCode project. Then I double clicked on the target icon to pull up a properties pane where I could add the Freetype2 headers I installed from source.

I made freetype2’s prefix path /sw/freetype2 with `configure –prefix=/sw/freetype2’. With that path, I included /sw/freetype2 and /sw/freetype2/include in the XCode project.

I’ll post screenshots of this whole process because I couldn’t find jack on the Internet about this.

After futzing around with some FTGL demos that didn’t work I finally modified an example to the point that it loaded a true type font and displayed the string “hi” on the screen. I was very happy. I was then able to move the texture and change the alpha channel to make it fade away. What I’m looking for is a little popup of arbitrary text to appear over someone’s head when they get hit to represent damage.

Right now, I’m stuck trying to figure out how to trigger this whole drawing thing off of a keystroke instead of just being called with by the main function. I’ll post the entire example with pics soon. [placeholder]