Here we go!

Booting 2006.0 gentoo 1

Initial screen 2006.0 gentoo 2

Launching the installer wizard 2006.0 gentoo 3

Partition screen 2006.0 gentoo 4

Stage selection screen 2006.0 gentoo 5

Install log/progress screen 2006.0 gentoo 6

The GUI is a mixed blessing. It certainly is more intuitive, but you still rely on the docs for figuring out what they mean by snapshot, for example, to use the CD~Rs portage snapshot:

Obtaining a Portage tree You must choose Snapshot on this screen. The installer will automatically install a Portage tree from the LiveCD once you select Snapshot; you do not need to specify a snapshot URI.

It~Rs not an easy task to create UIs, I don~Rt mean to be too critical. This is a good direction for Gentoo and the UI adds a lot to the distro.