boomthreads_sshot I was messing around with threaded drawing. I really don’t know how much of an advantage this gives. I needed to figure out a way to animate something on the side for performance gains. I think this is how I’d do it (not with 78 threads running).

I did see a ton of threads created though. You can see below out of Activity Monitor. Each of the boxes displayed is a thread that draws itself. They all maintain elapsed which might be a design flaw. I couldn’t figure out a way to sync the drawing to all the threads running by themselves. boomthreads_threads

Animation is done with timeElapsed in mind. That’s so it runs about the same on fast and slow computers.

Hit the link here to check it out: BoomThreads

UPDATE: I was thinking about this and this is not actually accomplishing any threaded performance gains. It sequentially calls draw which doesn’t thread the drawing itself. I need to take out the random waits and have it look like this. Right now, there is artifical randomness (which is why all the boxes move at different speeds). I’ll update this soon if drawing can be threaded.