The Wiff was using the yahoo tv guide (free app) and wants one. It’s got potential as a living room multitasker thingy. I got the 32gb. The 64gb is useless because you still have to pick your media you want to sync. Maybe the 16gb would have been better but I wanted to cram a bunch of stuff on it. If they had a 1TB one (lol) then you could sync your whole iTunes library and movies etc etc. I wish it had an SD slot and some other expansion stuff on it. Like it just mounting up as a disk.

But I did grab an app called “GoodReader”. It’ll probably be replaced by something better (a lot of apps are rushed first to market attempts) but it has DropBox download support (not sync). So I just threw my ebook PDFs (like from other publishers such as PragProg other than the Kindle) and that’s how I got PDFs on it.

Among the star apps so far:

  • Kindle app (free), pretty nice. Nicer than the Kindle. I wish it had two page view like iBooks does. iBooks doesn’t have shit for selection right now. No tech books. All my tech books are in the Kindle store or PDF.
  • Twitterific (widscreen is the best mode, probably more improvements later)
  • NY Times (please release digital Wired mag like this)
  • Yahoo Entertainment app
  • ABC app, plays episodes in crappy SD but free
  • Weatherbug (super slick Radar and forecast all in one huge data overload view)
  • Evernote (online notebook). Not as slick as it should be. No formatting options while editing.
  • BBC news (meh kinda redudant)
  • Plants vs Zombies (PvZ), perfect port

All the official apps are super polished. I haven’t bought the iLife suite apps. I don’t think I need them (maybe I will at work?). I’m waiting for a few of my favorite devs to update their apps:

  • Mint
  • IRC chat called FlowChat
  • Lux Touch (woo multitouch strategy)
  • Some kind of SSH awesomeness.
  • Ruler app (just because I could measure bigger things?)
  • Official facebook app
  • How about a WoW auction app?!?! COME ON! Even if I don’t play.

Many apps are $10. So I’m holding out for more free competition.

There’s a scrabble app that plays with your phone. You put your tiles on your phone as the tile rack so you can hide your letters. Everyone plays on the iPad. I haven’t tried it but what a great idea! I’d like to see the MS Surface stuff on these devices like that. Imagine some geeky strategy game or RPG. Or Battleship.

I have to figure out how to sync my calendar and all the stuff I set up on my phone. I’m trying to keep the two devices separate. For example, I don’t need any apps that scan barcodes because it doesn’t have a camera. :P

I’m surprised how fast this thing is. I see why so many games are coming out. Sorry for the short write-up but I’m in toy overload mode.