Firefox worked, gem install worked, elinks worked and even curl worked. So why isn’t RVM able to update?

Initialized empty Git repository in ~/.rvm/src/rvm/.git/[0: x.x.x.x]: errno=No route to host fatal: unable to connect a socket (No route to host)

And you’ve tried setting http_proxy and –proxy flags with rvm. No need to fear, there’s a git URL hardcoded in there.

cd ~/.rvm/scripts vi utility

Change the line: builtin cd $rvm_src_path && git clone git:// && builtin cd rvm/ && ./scripts/install to builtin cd $rvm_src_path && git clone && builtin cd rvm/ && ./scripts/install

This is how I got it to work but obviously this is a hack. You should check out rvm:fw for a more permanent solution.

Alternatively, if you can get curl to work with ALL_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY environment variables (test with curl, then you can simply do the manual install method to install RVM or even upgrade RVM to the latest version. I used this method when I was seeing “rvm get fails” where rvm get wouldn’t work: curl -s -o rvm-installer ; chmod +x rvm-installer ; ./rvm-installer --version latest