Git doesn’t work behind a proxy with homebrew (the macports new hotness). Because git:// is blocked at my office. There’s a patch here. Unfortunately, the drop-in replacement didn’t work for me (it’s an old commit).

Instead I made the modifications myself. Be warned, that this file will probably only work for the version I’m using (0.7.1), in which case you’ll have to look at the SVN commit yourself. :(

cd /usr/local/Library/Homebrew cp download_strategy.rb download_strategy.rb.orig wget -O download_strategy.rb export HOMEBREW_GIT_VIA_HTTP=1 brew install [something]

Any brew installs that use git should work now.

But then there’s curl. Curl doesn’t quite use the same env that others do. So solve it like this:

export http_proxy=http://proxy:80 export ALL_PROXY=$http_proxy

Curl likes that ALL_PROXY env for some reason.

After that, I was able to get my favorite homebrew apps installing: brew install couchdb irssi git mysql watch lua p7zip htop openssl node npm nmap netcat

Update: If the above still doesn’t work for you (I had problems with Git URLs), try this: cd /usr/local/Library/Homebrew vi download_strategy.rb

Find the line when %r[^git://] then GitDownloadStrategy and replace (or comment it out) it with this: ` when %r[^git://] url.gsub!(/^git:\/\//, ‘http://’) GitDownloadStrategy `

Git should use the http:// method of downloading code and brew install should work. Just to be clear, the relevant part of download_strategy.rb looks like this:

  when %r[^bzr://] then BazaarDownloadStrategy
  #when %r[^git://] then GitDownloadStrategy
  when %r[^git://]
        url.gsub!(/^git\:\/\//, 'http://')
  when %r[^hg://] then MercurialDownloadStrategy

Another thing to try is to edit ~/.curlrc to enable a SOCKS5 proxy if you have one. socks5 = "yourserver:port"