So you’ve replaced the batteries, restarted your mouse or whatever. You have a bluetooth mouse that you need to reconnect or re-pair but you don’t have a mouse to get to the bluetooth icon in the notification area or status bar location.

Here what you do:

  1. Command Key + Shift + / - gets you into the help area in any menu
  2. Right arrow - gets you to the Apple menu
  3. Down arrow until System Preferences
  4. Enter - opens System Preferences
  5. Type mouse - in the search box and hit enter will open the mouse pane
  6. Hit enter at the “no mouse found” screen - this will pair your mouse if it’s powered on and trying to pair</p>

Problem solved. Leave a comment if it works or a similar problem but different solution worked for you. If you can’t click in the comment box, just scream really loud towards my email address. :)