I got to thinking (that’s another story) about the old Technics set that I had when I was a kid and how useful it would be if I could tear down and build things without having to hacksaw stuff (i.e. like with the Microrax stuff). We had major flooding recently (after an earthquake and a hurricane) and the closed roads funneled me to a toy store. Was this a sign? I’m not sure. All I know is I have a Mindstorms kit now. :)

So I built an Arduino frame using nothing but the parts from the Mindstorms kit (it’s all just Technics parts). It’s pretty sturdy and the little rubber ends hold the board down pretty good. I figure it’s good enough to put on wheels or a quad-ped bot. I don’t know if I’d send it up in the air. I’d probably want to add a few more cross bars in there. Anyway, I did a lot of refactoring (if you could call it that) and I think this design is pretty good. Here’s the money shot with the rest of the build shots so you can copy it. I’m fresh brand-new to the Lego scene so leave some comments if I did something stupid.

Top down without the board.

Bottom face without the board.

Room and support for plugs.

Doesn’t shake loose.