One of the most confusing parts of starting Go was learning the project layout or what Go calls the workspace. It’s changed a little bit in past releases (eschewing $GOROOT etc) but the confusion I think remains if you come from other languages and tools.

Internalize these things:

  1. Your code will go in a folder next to all the libraries you download.
  2. You probably cannot put your Go code next to your Java/Python/Ruby/Javascript/… unless you luck out on naming conventions that you’ve already started.
  3. If you are starting out and you don’t put stuff in ~/bin then just set $GOPATH to your home.
  4. If you don’t like that last rule, just create ~/gocode and set $GOPATH to that.
  5. You probably should not put your Go code in Dropbox.

You also do not need to create a account to put your projects in ~/gocode/src/{username}/hello_world. You can just go ahead and start your project. It’s just a namespace. If something else needs{username}/hello_world then it will import it. If it can find it in the GOPATH then it will work. That’s all this is.

When I started Go, I was worried that I was polluting system paths by starting projects in $GOPATH/src/{my_username}. You’re not. Don’t think about it.

I can’t put my crap code next to the likes of Docker!

It’s impostor syndrome. Just start your project. Just do it.