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I think any topic can be turned into one about security.

Security is Infinite in Time

You can’t buy, have or achieve security. Any security you think you have is coupled to time. Your feeling or belief of being secure can change to insecure at any momenet. So security is more like fitness. You practice fitness. You might be fit now but you cannot be done with fitness.


You have to keep exercising your whole life and this isn’t a completely depressing thought, it’s the glass half empty version. You get to exercise to keep yourself from feeling like crap your whole life. yea i know that tweet is a joke

So security is infinite in time so it has the chance to always be a topic, forever.

Security is Infinite in Scope

I’m going to blindly pull three topics from lobsters and spin them into security.

  1. — share annotated screenshots of your desktop - That’s easy. What if you share a screenshot of a password? Also, someone mentions anonymous sharing (security as authn) in the comments.
  2. std::optional and non-POD C++ types c++ - C++ can have memory leaks, why not RIIR.
  3. macOS Finder RCE mac security - Is already about security, that’s no fun. :(

It’s not a weird flex. I think anyone can spin any topic into a security-based one. So we need to be diligent, have transparency, find out the details and not just accept all security arguments.

Security is infinite in scope so you can turn any topic into one about security. Combine these two together and you have my point.